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In Diastole, a visual essay which, “tries to sell you nothing but feelings and ideas“, Nicolás Coronado creatively explores the many types of hearts we’re more than willing to give away.

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  1. Iris Bergman says:

    Apparently, only straight couples can have a heart.

  2. MarBelle says:

    I doubt that’s an intentional message Nicolás is putting forward. Perhaps gay couples will be represented in the future long form project.

  3. Hey, in fact, my producer is gay… and he didn’t find it appropriate, so I didn’t get to include that 😛 … I guess archetypes are general enough, and gender doesn’t matter when you give your heart away.
    Fun fact: the crystal heart was meant to belong to the guy, and in the end the girl took the scene away, I don’t meant to separate genders, I think we are all the same.

  4. Keith Nelson says:

    Ha, funny thing I thought the same thing when I saw it. There’s something about it that does seem intentional: all white, all straight, all young… have you worked in advertising? maybe you got used to working creatively from there. The “archetypes appeal to all” is true for selling things, but I find it lacking when you are trying to get emotions across.

    It’s a shame that when you say
    “gender doesn’t matter when you give your heart away” I can’t pin point a frame in the movie that refects that thought.

  5. ^_^ controversy
    I’ve always worked in advertising, and in fact the idea of the project was to steal the aesthetics of “vignette-styled” commercials and make them into a commercial which didn’t sell anything.
    The truth about the casting was that I had no budget, so all the characters are friends of mine and my producer. I don’t think that the archetypes apply only to advertising, but well… I guess that’s just an opinion from someone who has always worked in advertising 😛

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