Tis the season to, well consume a stack of ‘Best of’ lists in the hope of distilling a year’s worth of media experiences into the highly concentrated cream which sits atop the dross that also made its way into the world over the past 12 months. You may or may not (if you surf DN with your eyes closed!) have noticed that the majority of our daily film picks originate on Vimeo, the de facto filmmakers’ shop window of choice, but least you’re tricked by their recent Handpicked with Love selection into thinking that the site is a single minded video playing behemoth, the staff of this varied tasted hydra have each picked a cool dozen of their favourite videos from 2012. As well as giving you a staggering 456 choice cuts to watch in-between the family commitments of the next couple weeks, you can use this as a legitimate excuse to make sure the most tasteful members of team Vimeo’s activity end up in your feed next year by following them – of course, that’s only if you feel you need more than your subscription to the always quality programming to be found on our ever expanding WeAreDN channel.

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