Our highlights from the 68th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, presented in bite-size, easily digestible chunks of 140 characters or less.

One of the things I love about attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival is that, if you so wish, it’s possible to move straight from one film to another, from morning till night. Due to a few scattered meetings and a desire to attend the nightly networking drinks, I only did this once this year – but on that day I managed six films in a row, starting with a three-hour German epic! Of course, such an approach to film-watching has its inevitable downfalls, and in the age of quick-response Tweet reviews, it can be hard to keep up with the flow. Moreover, for my own part, I prefer to let a film sit with me for a few hours, even a day, so that I can properly process it before writing about it – the old school approach, if you will. In the days of the new school, however, such an approach is only partly sustainable – and what you see below are the results of my attempts to keep up with the times. In a sense then, these Tweet reviews encapsulate my initial responses to the films they discuss. They don’t cover everything I saw at the festival, just the ones I had time to consider, process and sum up in 140 characters. Expect my more considered responses soon…

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