Jon Boogz & Sol Guy Tackle Issues of US Mass Incarceration & Racial Inequality in ‘Am I a Man?’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

19th June, 2017

Jon Boogz and Sol Guy shine a light on penitentiary inequality and mass incarceration in the US with their innovate Movement Art film.

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Ellie Wen Sets a Cathartic Process in Motion and Touches Souls in ‘Single Mother Only Daughter’


6th June, 2017

Ellie Wen discusses turning the camera on herself and publicly sharing heart-wrenching memories from her troubled childhood in her rawly personal short doc.

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DN350: Nico Edwards Documents a Treacherous 8,000 Mile Pacific Voyage Through Ice & Wind in ‘Sea Gypsies’

Documentary, Podcasts

4th May, 2017

Nico Edwards' debut documentary follows 16 crew members aboard a 120ft sailing Ketch as they journey through some of the most treacherous seas on earth.

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John Morena Dispatches Social Commentary Through Innovative Tongue in Cheek Micro-Film Series ‘Area 52’

Animation, Art & Fashion

21st April, 2017

DN talks to innovative experimental filmmaker John Morena, about his uncompromising, weekly animated micro-film series 'Area 52'.

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Scott Coello Animates the Nightmarish Diary Entries of a Syrian Activist in ‘Life Inside Islamic State’

Animation, Documentary

3rd April, 2017

Scott Coello brings to life the harrowing diaries of an activist living under Islamic State, with his animated film created for BBC Radio 4's Today Show.

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Stephen Kijak Chronicles the Torturous Journey Through Stardom of Japan’s Biggest Rock Band in ‘We Are X’


1st March, 2017

Stephen Kijak’s feature doc follows the journey from the 1980s to the present day of the enigmatic one-­of­-a-kind cultural sensation that is X Japan.

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Robots Meet Their Demise at the Hands of Michael Marczewski’s Malfunctioning Mechanisms in ‘Vicious Cycle’


21st February, 2017

In Michael Marczewski's animation, industrious robots find their repetitive work rewarded by a brutal demise at the hands of malfunctioning mechanisms.

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Shy Luv Clones Cascade Down the Bodies of Giant Junoesque Women in Bif’s Enthralling ‘Shock Horror’ Music Video


6th February, 2017

DN caught up with Fabrice and Jules of London directing duo Bif to discover how they got Shy Luv clones to tumble down the sensuous bodies of giant women.

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Pierre Emperador Creates a Curious Soul-Stirring World of Familial Longing in ‘Seven & Light’


19th January, 2017

A child stranded on a lonely planet attempts to find a substitute for the familial love he yarns for in Pierre Emperador's gorgeous animated short.

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Elliot Lim Restores Balance to Our Fragile Political ‘Ecosystem’ in His Branded Greenpeace Animation


17th January, 2017

Elliot Lim employs his unique and addictive animation style in a campaign short for Greenpeace which captures the essence of the environmental brand.

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Lawrence Becker Answers One of Life’s Biggest Questions in His New Stop Motion Short ‘More’


6th January, 2017

Director Lawrence Becker's new stop motion animated short follows an eccentric man as he desperately searches for a deeper meaning to life.

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Amber Williams Top Ten Feature Films of 2016


28th December, 2016

Witness the mastery and originality of today’s independent cinema as expressed in Amber's cherished list of the top ten feature films of 2016.

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