Dodie: Secret for the Mad

Animation, Asides, Music

10th March, 2018

Animator Hannah Jacobs takes the simple activity of kite flying and turns it into an utterly captivating music video for Dodie track 'Secret for the Mad'.

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Culture Trip Hope to Inspire a Life of Adventure with Hybrid Doc ‘Elspeth Beard – Riding into History’

Animation, Documentary

28th February, 2018

Culture Trip look to spread the flame of adventure by sharing the tale of Elspeth Beard - the first British woman to motorcycle around the world.

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Animation, Asides

27th February, 2018

Animator Gints Zilbalodis releases news of his debut feature 'Away' (set for a 2019 release) with this stunning trailer showcasing his distinct style.

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How Director Henry K. Norvalls is Using the Short Film Format to Provoke Conversation

Live Action

26th February, 2018

Norwegian director Henry K. Norvalls joins DN to discuss his three Vimeo Staff Pick short films - 'Taxfree', 'Sweet Things' and 'Shower'.

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Heather Colbert Recreates a Legendary Tale From the World of Music with Puppets in ‘Dolly Said No To Elvis’

Animation, Music

21st February, 2018

Animator Heather Colbert joins us to discuss how she created puppets of Dolly Parton and Colonel Tom Parker for her Mark Nevin music video.

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Director Mackenzie Sheppard Looks to Personify Technology with Morality Tale ‘Donny the Drone’

Live Action

31st January, 2018

Mackenzie Sheppard joins us to discuss being taken hostage at gun point & the other challenges of shooting a short with a drone as the central character.

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From Filming Stock Footage to Creating a Random Acts Short – Duncan Cowles Talks ‘Taking Stock’


18th January, 2018

Documentary dir. Duncan Cowles takes a humorous look at the world of freelance filmmaking with his Random Acts stock footage masterpiece 'Taking Stock'.

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Spend a Week in a Fast Food Joint with a Heartbroken Woman in Tamar Glezerman’s ‘Fill Your Heart with...

Live Action

18th December, 2017

Tamar Glezerman joins us to discuss the effects of non-stop digital communication, creating a fast food brand and the highs and lows of YouTube comments.

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Ian Pons Jewell Explains Why His Sevdaliza Promo Is the ‘Purest’ Video He’s Made


11th December, 2017

Talking the importance of locations and the best way to capture the soul on screen, director Ian Pons Jewell returns to Directors Notes for a fifth time.

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The Halsall Bros Look to Explore the Issues of North Korea Through the ‘100 Bullets’ Comic Book Universe

Live Action

4th December, 2017

A fascination with North Korea and a love for comic books come together in The Halsall Bros' '100 Bullets' web-series

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Guillermo Irriguible Loren Pays Homage to Analog Music with his Analog Short Film ‘Speaking in Voltages’

Documentary, Music

30th November, 2017

Shot on 16mm, Super8 & Hi8, director Guillermo Irriguible Loren joins us to discuss his ode to nostalgia and the golden era of analogue instruments.

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Director Jimmy Dean Discusses Shooting Intimate Aspect Ratios for Kitchen Sink Vampire Short ‘V’

Film Festival, Live Action

30th October, 2017

Director Jimmy Dean joins us to discuss his Film London short 'V' - an intimate Vampire story exploring themes of adolescence and isolation.

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