Clément Oberto Revels in the Voyeuristic Pleasures of a Late Night Motel Striptease in ‘Nite Bites’


23rd February, 2018

A late night motel striptease reveals more than expected in Clément Oberto's voyeuristic, neon bathed FADED AWAY promo, 'Nite Bites.

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Jiajie Yu Celebrates the Power of Black Male Relationships in ‘Soul’ for The Prussians

Music, Premiere

19th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu returns to DN with 'Soul', his new music video which celebrates the complex but powerful fraternal relationship of two men of colour.

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Natasza Cetner Takes on the Pernicious Force of Absolute Power in Surreal Animated Short ‘Nero’


15th February, 2018

Filmmaker Natasza Cetner takes DN through the political and aesthetic roots of her animated battle between repression and independence.

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Reality Blends With Violent Fantasy in Jonathan Cremades’ Murderous Daydreams Promo ‘Oro’


14th February, 2018

Spanish Director Jonathan Cremades tells DN how he blended reality and violent fantasy for his murderous daydreams Salfvman music video, 'Oro'.

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Rahul Bhushan Presents the Kristy De Cunha 2018 Collection in Neon Swathed Fashion Short ‘BLOW’

Art & Fashion

12th February, 2018

Rahul Bhushan gets down and dirty in his showcase of the Kristy De Cunha 2018 Collection in neon swathed fashion film 'BLOW'.

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Urban Style Meets Retro Futurism in Anthony Capristo’s Nike Spec Commercial ‘Free Your Mind’

Art & Fashion

9th February, 2018

Creating an expressive mix of retro futurism and urban style director Anthony Capristo returns to DN to discuss his sci-fi Nike spec commercial.

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Hugo De Faucompret Laments the Loss of Friendship in Animated Music Video ‘Ma Ydoum Hal’

Animation, Music

7th February, 2018

Hugo de Faucompret explains how a chance meeting with TREE9’s lead singer led to his entrancing, animated lost friendship music video.

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Daphna Awadish Searches for the Meaning of Home in Wistful Animated Documentary ‘Journey Birds’

Animation, Documentary

5th February, 2018

Daphna Awadish reflects on the meaning of home amongst long-term immigrants in her Bezalel Academy animated documentary 'Journey Birds'.

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Guy Pearce Faces the Dark Consequences of Isolation & Loneliness in Jesse Leaman’s ‘Lorne’

Live Action

29th January, 2018

Jesse Leaman takes DN through the meticulous preparations which led to his meditative portrait of a man trapped by the oppressing boundaries of isolation.

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One New Film Every Week for a Year: John Morena Reflects on His Epic Instagram Animation Project ‘Area 52’

Animation, Art & Fashion

25th January, 2018

New York filmmaker John Morena reflects on all he learnt creating 52 animated shorts in his epic year-long Instagram project 'Area 52'.

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Andzej Gavriss Ventures into the Dark Corners of a Bangkok Fever Dream in ‘1190’

Art & Fashion, Music

22nd January, 2018

Andzej Gavriss submerges us in an oxygen deprived fever dream of lost home and identity, capturing the dark corners of Bangkok along the way.

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A Carefree Mediterranean Road Trip Takes a Detour to Senseless Violence in Ramón Ayala’s ‘Vartan’


16th January, 2018

Ramón Ayala takes DN behind the scenes of his La Jettee inspired Mediterranean road trip music video of fun and nonsensical violence.

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