Friendship Endures After a Fall in Julien Piau’s Touching Micro-Short ‘PÉRILLEUX RACCOURCI’


19th May, 2017

Julien Piau talks to DN about his new micro-short which opens with a literal cliffhanger when two acolytes attempt to take a mountain shortcut.

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Traverse the Foreboding CGI Landscape of Stef & Wyt’s Unsettling Sci-Fi Universe in ‘Ghost Culture’

Animation, Music

18th May, 2017

Stef & Wyt explain how they drew from classic sci-fi tales whilst experimenting with photo-realistic 3D animation designs for Dawn Geometry's Music Video.

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Mid-Brow Break Down the Behind the Scenes Craft of Viral Comedy Sketch ‘Bad News’

Live Action

17th May, 2017

"If it’s funny and relevant to the narrative, you're in. If it’s just a funny, you're out." Mid-Brow reveal the craft at work BTS of their viral comedy.

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Ibon Landa Attempts to Define the All-Consuming Power of First Love in Short ‘Spectrum of Love’

Art & Fashion

16th May, 2017

DN spoke to dir. Ibon Landa about capturing the essence of love on camera while run and gun filmmaking on the streets of Barcelona.

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Zach Jones & Ben Kitnick Bear Witness to the Club Penguin Apocalypse in Gameplay Short ‘Waddle On’

Animation, Live Action

9th May, 2017

"The penguin apocalypse brings forth the dawn of man." Zach Jones & Ben Kitnick bear witness to the end times of Disney’s beloved virtual world for kids.

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How Simon Dymond Brought the True Story of a Tumble Drier Death Cult to Screen in ‘Wash Club’

Live Action

3rd May, 2017

Simon Dymond lets DN inside the secrets of his true life tall tale about a reporter who accidentally starts the underground death club he's investigating.

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How Fraternal Filmmakers Bill and Turner Ross Made Their Documentary Breakthrough With ‘45365’


1st May, 2017

We go back to where it all began for documentary duo Bill and Turner Ross by revisiting our interview for their debut feature about small town America.

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Emmanuel Adjei Births a New Dark Religion of Materialism in One-Take Music Video ‘Give It Your Choir’


26th April, 2017

Emmanuel Adjei discusses transforming a self-storage facility into a near future dystopia for his impressive single-take Mark Pritchard music video.

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Learn How Visual Artist Johan Rijpma Created Mind Bending Reflexive Animation ‘Extrapolate’

Animation, Art & Fashion

25th April, 2017

Visual Artist Johan Rijpma joins DN for a long overdue interview about his career and his latest mind bending, hyper-reflexive, hand drawn animation.

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Kyle Lewis Maps Nasty C’s Journey of Past, Present & Future in Epic Music Video Triple Bill ‘Bad Hair’


20th April, 2017

South African Director Kyle Lewis talks about the creation of his epic triple threat, 14-minute music video for Nasty C's 'Bad Hair' album.

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I AM HERE Shatter Barriers Physical and Mental in Inspirationally Powerful Short ‘WALLS’

Live Action, Music

19th April, 2017

Filmmaking collective I AM HERE take DN through the intense shoot & multinational cross-border collaborations behind their powerful narrative music video.

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Alexan Sarikamichian Ponders the Conundrum of Loving Two People at Once in ‘NOT YOUR GIRLS’

Art & Fashion

14th April, 2017

Alexan Sarikamichian talks about nudity, the male gaze and capturing unadulterated femininity in his alluring tale of teenage desire, guilt and confusion.

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