Jack Weatherley Ventures Into the Darkness of Nightmares for Unsettling Music Video ‘I’ve Got a Future’


13th February, 2018

Director Jack Weatherley returns to DN to delve into the nightmares which inspired his stripped down, unnerving promo come art piece 'I've Got a Future'.

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The End is Nigh for Garrett Tripp’s Teen Hypochondriac in Comedy Short ‘Waiting to Die in Bayside, Queens’

Live Action

8th February, 2018

Embarrassment, boredom & drama spell the end for Garrett Tripp's 15 year old hypochondriac in his 1970s set comedy short ode to teenage angst.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

2nd February, 2018

A powerful contemplative portrait from Brock Newman of East London boxer Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn as he ponders his impending forced departure from Canada.

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Erin S Murray Explores Identity, Herd Mentality & Indoctrination in Beguiling Dance Narrative ‘Hydra’

Art & Fashion

1st February, 2018

We speak to Erin S Murray about her exploration of identity, herd mentality & indoctrination in beguiling experimental dance narrative 'Hydra'.

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Asides, Live Action

26th January, 2018

David Elms delivers a delightfully awkward exploration of self perception and the difficulty of imagining the complex inner lives of those around us.

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Son Lux & Alex Cook Take the Pain Away in Dystopian Near Future Music Video ‘Slowly’


24th January, 2018

Director Alex Cook returns to DN to talk about his continued collaboration with Son Lux for their mysterious, dystopic near future music video 'Slowly'.

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Transcend the Boundaries of Love & Memory in Adrien Lhommedieu’s Sci-Fi Romance ‘Lila & Valentin’

Live Action

23rd January, 2018

DN sat down with Adrien Lhommedieu to discover how he brought his ambitious metaphysical rumination on the nature of love and consciousness to screen.

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ALIVE | Canada 4K

Asides, Documentary

22nd January, 2018

Florian Nick's stunning exploration of Canada's awe inspiring landscapes, is enough to make you fall in love with timelapse cinematography all over again.

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Passing By – 100+ years of Damrak, Amsterdam

Animation, Asides

19th January, 2018

Job, Joris & Marieke bring their unique animation style to bear on 100+ yrs of Damrak, Amsterdam history in looping artist-in-residence short 'Passing By'.

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A Man Battles the All Consuming Guilt of His Actions in Dee Meaden’s Disquieting Short ‘Mark’

Film Festival, Live Action

19th January, 2018

A man becomes consumed by the fear he may have done something terrible on a night out in Dee Meaden's disquieting study of consent, guilt and masculinity.

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Prism Tats: Daggers

Asides, Music

18th January, 2018

Dir. Jonny Look tags along with Prism Tats’ Garett as he visits his brother Mike who's all too eager to demonstrate his new knife throwing skills.

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The Post-Apocalyptic Roles of Hunter & Prey Blur in Cristiano Gazzarrini’s Immersive Sci-Fi Short ‘US’

Live Action, Premiere

15th January, 2018

Cristiano Gazzarrini tells DN how a live quadraphonic sound experience led to the creation of his immersive post-apocalyptic sci-fi short 'US'.

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