Krzysztof Komander Heralds the Trailblazer of Electric Cars in Abstract CGI-Free Tesla Spot

Art & Fashion

13th July, 2017

Krzysztof Komander & Piotr Dudak tell DN how they deployed an abstract conceptualisation of the ethos of Tesla in their visually impressive spec ad.

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How to Get a Vimeo Staff Pick – Head Curator Sam Morrill Provides Insight into the Curation Process

Article, Live Action

12th July, 2017

Director of Curation Sam Morrill takes DN through the Vimeo curation team's process of finding and selecting Staff Pick films.

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A Car Thief Suffers a Last Minute Moral Crisis in Rene Pannevis’ ‘Jacked’

Live Action

7th July, 2017

Rene Pannevis joins us to discuss his squabbling car thief short which sees the words of a dying man spark a morale crisis between friends.

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Max Hattler & Lux Prima Join Forces for an Audiovisual Collision of Repetition & Distortion in ‘Divisional Articulations’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

5th July, 2017

We speak to long-time DN Alum Max Hattler about the trajectory his prolific career to date & his latest audiovisual collaboration with composer Lux Prima.

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Ethan Shaftel Guides Us Through VR Filmmaking on an Indie Budget in Tribeca Short ‘Extravaganza’


3rd July, 2017

Ethan Shaftel discusses mixing 3D animation & live action to challenge the concept of VR as an empathy machine in his story of an off-color puppet show.

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Kristian Håskjold Breaks Our Hearts as a Relationship Dies in His Painfully Authentic Short ‘Forever Now’

Live Action

28th June, 2017

Kristian Håskjold discusses his heart-wrenching depiction of a couple’s final MDMA-fuelled weekend together as they attempt to part ways amicably.

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Josh Yates Explores Musical Irreality in Glitchy Fever Dream Music Video ‘Run’


26th June, 2017

Director Josh Yates takes us on a glitch infected, discontinuity ride into delusive fever dreams in his new music video for Premeir Jones.

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Palmer Morse & Matt Mikkelsen Tune into the Disappearing Beauty of Natural Silence in ‘Being Hear’


12th June, 2017

Palmer Morse & Matt Mikkelsen follow acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton as he contemplates the importance of preserving the silences of the natural world.

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A Socially Inept Oddball’s First Shot at Love Misfires in Michael Patten’s Squirm-Inducing ‘BADDOG’

Live Action

8th June, 2017

NYC Director Michael Patten tells DN how he made us squirm with his painfully uncomfortable story of a social inept petty thief and doomed romantic.

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Majid Adin & Stephen McNally Deliver a Stunning New Take on Elton John’s Iconic ‘Rocket Man’

Animation, Music

1st June, 2017

Majid Adin & Stephen McNally discuss how they reimagined Elton John's iconic track 'Rocket Man' through the lens of a refugee's journey to safety.

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TAKCOM Blends Western Street Culture and Japanese Tradition Into a Suburban Nightmare in ‘Pessim’

Art & Fashion, Music

29th May, 2017

Visual artist TAKCOM explains how he blended western street culture and Japanese tradition for his unsettling journey into suburban dread.

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Friendship Endures After a Fall in Julien Piau’s Touching Micro-Short ‘PÉRILLEUX RACCOURCI’


19th May, 2017

Julien Piau talks to DN about his new micro-short which opens with a literal cliffhanger when two acolytes attempt to take a mountain shortcut.

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