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Love, Family & A Very Canine Christmas: Luke Kondor & Emma Reading Warm Our Hearts with ‘Doghouse’

Animation, Premiere

17th December, 2015

Director Luke Kondor and Animator Emma Reading talk to DN about fear, locally sourced collaborators and how the pair captured the magic of confused

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John Charter Takes a Hypnotic Trip of Inward Exploration & Inner Demons in ‘Exile’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

20th July, 2015

John Charter joins DN to discuss 'Exile' - an art film which explores the clash between miniature terrain and expansive vistas, fleeting motion against

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Jessica Ashman Finds Acceptance of the Other in her BAFTA Winning Short ‘Fixing Luka’

Animation, Premiere

19th January, 2015

Premiering online here at DN, Jessica Ashman’s beautifully intricate stop-motion short 'Fixing Luka' tells the affecting story of Lucy, a girl who

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Balancing the Nostalgic Past with the Unknown Future in Jordan Michael Blake’s ‘Yeye Bells Shiver’

Live Action, Premiere

18th November, 2014

DN presents the online premiere of director Jordan Michael Blake's nostalgic NYU short 'Yeye Bells Shiver' which takes us on 'an ethereal, bittersweet

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