17th August, 2017

A Migrant Worker Faces His Mortality Far From Home in Andrew Moir’s Affecting Documentary ‘Babe, I Hate To Go’


Charlie Lyne Examines the Impact of Aspect Ratio on Cinema’s Emotional Experience with Video Essay ‘Frames and Containers’


1st August, 2017

Charlie Lyne returns to Directors Notes with 'Frames and Containers' - a video essay focused on Cinematic Aspect Ratios.

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Matthew Lawes Ventures Into the Enchanted Woods of W. B. Yeats for ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’


31st July, 2017

Matthew Lawes tells DN how he gathered an all star group of award winning collaborators for his enchanting short based on W. B. Yeats' well renowned poem.

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David Lester & Jessica Rose Show Us How Uneven Love Can Be in Dysfunctional Relationship Short ‘Alison’

Live Action

27th July, 2017

DN speaks to Director David Lester about capturing the doubts of long-term love in his intimate story of a romance teetered on the brink.

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Crowns & Owls Set Out on a Beguilingly Journey of Rebirth for Hercules & Love Affair’s ‘Omnion’


26th July, 2017

DN caught up with Crowns & Owls to discuss their impressive mix of practical effects & imagination created for Hercules & Love Affair's story of rebirth.

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Joris Debeij’s Insightful Documentary Series Unearths the True Stories of Captivating Angelenos


25th July, 2017

Joris Debeij's discusses his ongoing insightful documentary series which unearths the captivating lives of fascinating Angelenos.

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Desire Becomes Dangerous Obsession in Norman Bates’ Dark Tale of Damaged Lovers ‘Wichita’


24th July, 2017

Directing Duo Norman Bates return to DN to talk about playing with fire for their dark Domino Gold music video of love, compassion and obsession.

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Michael Priestley & Christian O’Keefe Express the Pain of Growing Apart in Intimate Music Video ‘Space’


21st July, 2017

DN speaks to Michael Priestley & Christian O'Keefe about shooting in the desert for Gracie Gray's evocative music video of emotional closure.

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Noah Harris & Andy Biddle Traverse Man’s Vices and Virtues in Ambitious Stop Motion Series ‘Salvation’

Animation, Art & Fashion

20th July, 2017

Filmmakers Noah Harris & Andy Biddle create stop motion magic from the detritus of car boot sale bargains in Village Green's spectacular 8-part showcase.

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Before Netflix Got Its GLOW Two Filmmakers Unearthed the True Story of The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling


18th July, 2017

Brett Whitcomb & Bradford Thomason tell DN how they rediscovered The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in the doc that inspired the Netflix series GLOW.

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Johan Stahl Deploys Sarcasm as a Weapon Against the North Korean Regime in Brand Film ‘Dear Leader’

Art & Fashion, Live Action

17th July, 2017

Sundance award winning dir. Johan Stahl reveals his crusade to help abolish the North Korean regime by redeploying fake news as a satirical brand video.

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Krzysztof Komander Heralds the Trailblazer of Electric Cars in Abstract CGI-Free Tesla Spot

Art & Fashion

13th July, 2017

Krzysztof Komander & Piotr Dudak tell DN how they deployed an abstract conceptualisation of the ethos of Tesla in their visually impressive spec ad.

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How to Get a Vimeo Staff Pick – Head Curator Sam Morrill Provides Insight into the Curation Process

Article, Live Action

12th July, 2017

Director of Curation Sam Morrill takes DN through the Vimeo curation team's process of finding and selecting Staff Pick films.

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