22nd June, 2017

Zach Wechter Transforms Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis Into a Delightfully Tall Tale in ‘This Table’


“Less Is More” – Short Sighted Cinema’s Mission to Bring Short Film to the Mainstream

Film Festival

7th June, 2017

DN Speaks to Short Sighted Cinema co-founder Kate Williamson about their mission to bring short film to the mainstream with The Shortest Nights.

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Ellie Wen Sets a Cathartic Process in Motion and Touches Souls in ‘Single Mother Only Daughter’


6th June, 2017

Ellie Wen discusses turning the camera on herself and publicly sharing heart-wrenching memories from her troubled childhood in her rawly personal short doc.

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A Break-Up Reverberates Through the Life of a Filmmaker in Revealing Short Doc ‘The Residue of a Relationship’


5th June, 2017

Brett Chapman tells DN how he used filmmaking to examine the lingering remnants of his recent relationship in this heart-warming documentary short.

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Majid Adin & Stephen McNally Deliver a Stunning New Take on Elton John’s Iconic ‘Rocket Man’

Animation, Music

1st June, 2017

Majid Adin & Stephen McNally discuss how they reimagined Elton John's iconic track 'Rocket Man' through the lens of a refugee's journey to safety.

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TAKCOM Blends Western Street Culture and Japanese Tradition Into a Suburban Nightmare in ‘Pessim’

Art & Fashion, Music

29th May, 2017

Visual artist TAKCOM explains how he blended western street culture and Japanese tradition for his unsettling journey into suburban dread.

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Marcin Starzecki Pays Tribute to the “French Hitchcock” in Soniamiki’s Colour Infused Music Video ‘BWA’


25th May, 2017

Director Marcin Starzecki explains how he tapped into the spirit of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished final feature for his colour infused tribute 'BWA'.

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A Lesbian Romance is Brutally Cut Down by Sexual Bigotry in Baltazar’s Evocative Music Video ‘Lluvia’


23rd May, 2017

The Unlimited Films team provide their respective production vantage points of Baltazar's visceral music video about the bigoted destruction of real love.

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Eyes Wide Open Cinema: Brighton’s Answer to Queer Film Curation and Celebration

Article, Film Festival

22nd May, 2017

DN talks with Eyes Wide Open Cinema programmer Jacob Engelberg about the inception & aspirations of the Brightonian queer cinema exhibition programme.

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Friendship Endures After a Fall in Julien Piau’s Touching Micro-Short ‘PÉRILLEUX RACCOURCI’


19th May, 2017

Julien Piau talks to DN about his new micro-short which opens with a literal cliffhanger when two acolytes attempt to take a mountain shortcut.

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Traverse the Foreboding CGI Landscape of Stef & Wyt’s Unsettling Sci-Fi Universe in ‘Ghost Culture’

Animation, Music

18th May, 2017

Stef & Wyt explain how they drew from classic sci-fi tales whilst experimenting with photo-realistic 3D animation designs for Dawn Geometry's Music Video.

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Mid-Brow Break Down the Behind the Scenes Craft of Viral Comedy Sketch ‘Bad News’

Live Action

17th May, 2017

"If it’s funny and relevant to the narrative, you're in. If it’s just a funny, you're out." Mid-Brow reveal the craft at work BTS of their viral comedy.

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Ibon Landa Attempts to Define the All-Consuming Power of First Love in Short ‘Spectrum of Love’

Art & Fashion

16th May, 2017

DN spoke to dir. Ibon Landa about capturing the essence of love on camera while run and gun filmmaking on the streets of Barcelona.

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