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The Wall

Art & Fashion

1st December, 2016

Andrew De Zen returns to DN with the second part of his visual shorts trilogy - an exploration of perseverance and the many walls we face in our lives.

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We Aren’t Strangers

Art & Fashion, Premiere

21st November, 2016

Andrew De Zen begins his new visual shorts trilogy with a reflection on the insecurity, loneliness, & anxieties of life in the modern technological age.

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Her Friend Adam

Live Action

28th September, 2016

Sexual insecurity spawns jealousy, despair and spiteful recriminations in Ben Petrie’s powerful Sundance award winning short.

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Pierre-Guilhem Roudet & Gabriel Aldama Launch a Graphical Space Odyssey in ‘COSMO’

Animation, Music

17th June, 2015

Pierre-Guilhem Roudet joins us to discuss 'COSMO', the retro animated sci-fi odyssey co-directed with Gabriel Aldama.

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How Mac Boucher Pulled Off a One-Shot Fashion Shoot Music Video for Yukon Blonde’s ‘Saturday Night’


3rd June, 2015

Director Mac Boucher discusses capturing the excitement and glamour of the swinging 60s photoshoot in his one-shot music video for Yukon Blonde's 'Saturday

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Brian Tornay & Salman Sajun Serve Up a Kinetic Celebration of Tennis in ‘LETS PLAY’


27th April, 2015

Salman Sajun tells DN how he & co-director Brian Tornay served up a kinetic stop motion celebration of all that is racquets, balls, nets and tennis skirts

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Welcome to the Ridiculously Infectious World of Lesley the Pony

Animation, Asides

17th October, 2014

Possibly one of the greatest things to hit the internet in recent times, welcome to the ridiculously infectious world of 'Lesley the Pony'. Taking us on a

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Stripping Science-Fiction Down to its Essentials with ‘Burnt Grass’ Director Ray Wong

Live Action

29th September, 2014

Recently selected for Vimeo's curation of Toronto International Film Festival shorts, we speak to director Ray Wong about his science-fiction short film

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RCA 2014: Nicolas Ménard – ‘Loop Ring Chop Drink’


28th July, 2014

Graduating RCA Animator Nicolas Ménard talks to Directors Notes about his approach to storytelling & the importance of collaboration when making

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Robert Mentov Documents the Lives of the Migrant Workers Behind India’s Buildings in ‘Bricks of Bengal’


25th June, 2014

Robert Mentov's 'Bricks of Bengal' documents the lives of the migrant workers of the Sundarban Islands who make the vast numbers of bricks needed for

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Kire Paputts Challenges Preconceptions About Special Needs Actors in ‘The Rainbow Kid’

Live Action

2nd April, 2014

DN alumni Kire Paputts tell us how his forthcoming feature 'The Rainbow Kid' bucks the norm without succumbing to lazy cinematic conventions, to tell the

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The McKinnon Brothers Talk Mysteries, Multimedia & Crowdfunding for ‘KIN Fables’

Live Action

25th March, 2014

The first instalment of The McKinnon Brothers’ 'KIN Fables' masterfully draws you into a stunning world of mystery. We sat down with the brothers to

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