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Jan Roth: Glühwürmchen

Animation, Asides, Music

14th March, 2018

German visual artist Marcel Vockrodt animates a playful geometric dance in this music video for the soothing sounds of Jan Roth's 'Glühwürmchen'.

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Grosse8 Revel in the Expressive Beauty of Chaos & Agitation in Són Music Video ‘Mirrors’


1st March, 2018

Cologne-based design agency Grosse8 explain how they combined majestic Icelandic landscapes with abstract macro cinematography for Són music video Mirrors.

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Urban Style Meets Retro Futurism in Anthony Capristo’s Nike Spec Commercial ‘Free Your Mind’

Art & Fashion

9th February, 2018

Creating an expressive mix of retro futurism and urban style director Anthony Capristo returns to DN to discuss his sci-fi Nike spec commercial.

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ALIVE | Canada 4K

Asides, Documentary

22nd January, 2018

Florian Nick's stunning exploration of Canada's awe inspiring landscapes, is enough to make you fall in love with timelapse cinematography all over again.

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I AM HERE Shatter Barriers Physical and Mental in Inspirationally Powerful Short ‘WALLS’

Live Action, Music

19th April, 2017

Filmmaking collective I AM HERE take DN through the intense shoot & multinational cross-border collaborations behind their powerful narrative music video.

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Desire, Ruthlessness and a Complete Loss of Control Run Riot in Jakob Schmidt’s Dark Fairytale ‘Planemah’


30th January, 2017

A megalomaniacal king chases the secrets of the universe and existence in Jakob Schmidt’s dark allegorical animation about desire, ruthlessness and greed.

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Where the Woods End

Live Action

12th December, 2016

Felix Ahrens examines the destructive nature of guilt in his student Oscar winning short film about a police officer who fatally shoots an innocent man.

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Hundreds: What Remains

Animation, Music

2nd December, 2016

Lars Nagler explores the animated wonders of an alien macro-world in his computer generated music video for brother/sister twosome Hundreds.

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Me And My Drummer: Grown Up Shape

Animation, Music

3rd November, 2016

Chris Luehning pursues the unsatisfiable artistic drive to create and strive for perfection in his psychedelic music video for Me And My Drummer.

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The Fear of Breathing in the Void

Live Action

24th October, 2016

Playing out across two parallel unfolding narratives, Anthony Capristo's existential new short film seeks to achieve catharsis from past hurts.

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Film Festival, Live Action

12th October, 2016

A young woman rejects societal norms in favour of her own desires after forging an all consuming connection with a wolf in Nicolette Krebitz's 3rd feature.

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The/Das: Somebody is

Documentary, Music

12th September, 2016

Kieran Behan and The/Das bring the ignored stories of the homeless to screen in their thought provoking hybrid documentary / music video.

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