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DN352: In Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Chris Shepherd

Animation, Film Festival, Podcasts

4th October, 2017

DN caught up with Chris Shepherd to reflect on his celebrated career and return to the hybrid world of animated/live action violence in 'Johnno’s Dead'.

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DN290: My Face is in Space – Tom Jobbins

Animation, Podcasts

20th June, 2013

A truly mixed media piece of filmmaking comprising stop motion animation, stills and NASA archive footage, Tom Jobbins’ My Face is in Space explores the

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I Dreamt of Flying

Animation, Documentary

30th May, 2012

Inspired by his grandfather – an RAF tail-gunner 1943-44, – I Dreamt of Flying is a a mixed media documentary written, drawn, animated and

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Stealing Sheep: Shut Eye


7th May, 2012

Whenever I see a film that utilises stop motion buttons, I unfairly compare it with Denise Hauser’s strange mirrored worlds short Copy City. While

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DN190: Eros – Tom Geraedts

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

8th January, 2011

Tom Geraedts’ mixed media short Eros takes us into the mind’s eye of a blind man’s perception after a chance encounter with a beautiful

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15th October, 2010

Louise Cailliez’s Indians blends handmade animation techniques with a warm narration, to evoke the shift from Summer to Autumn.

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DN SXSW2010: Junko’s Shamisen – Sol Friedman

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

16th March, 2010

Alongside the feature strands, SXSW runs several shorts programmes throughout the festival, which often provide an early chance to see the work of up and

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DN132: The Reason I Collect – Emma Curtis

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

13th May, 2009

This week’s guest director Emma Curtis returned to the world of animation following the success of her 2005 installation piece Diary of a Hoarder and

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DN128: Copy City – Denise Hauser

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

7th April, 2009

Filmmaker, animator and illustrator Denise Hauser joins us to discuss how she stretched the creative limits of filmmaking with her mixed media piece Copy

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DN116: Stay in My Memory – Katy Davis

Animation, Music, Podcasts

18th December, 2008

If you’re a long term DN follower you’ll know that I’ve been a fan of Katy Davis’ mixed media style of animation since she came on

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DN114: The Life Size Zoetrope – Mark Simon Hewis

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

5th December, 2008

We’ve featured several animations here on Directors Notes in past two years, but Mark Simon Hewis’ The Life Size Zoetrope stands out for its

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DN072: 8 – Benjamin Ducroz

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

24th January, 2008

Artist and director Benjamin Ducroz has in the past associated his work with media bondage and saturation, he joins us this week to discuss his improvised

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