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Justin Doherty & Neil Fox Merge Challenging Cinema With Professional Film Practice in ‘Wilderness’

Live Action

11th May, 2017

Justin Doherty & Neil Fox speak to DN about allying professional and emerging filmmakers on the production of their cinematically defiant feature debut.

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Neil Fox Top Ten Feature Films of 2014


28th December, 2014

"The battle for cinema is one that can be won if the lines of the conflict are redrawn." Neil Fox musters his forces as he ranks his top ten 2014.

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Filmstock: This One Goes to 11

Film Festival, Podcasts

13th November, 2009

With a heavy heart, we speak to Filmstock founders Neil Fox & Justin Doherty about closing the doors on DN's favourite film festival that goes up to 11.

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Filmstock: Establishing a Film Festival

Film Festival

12th November, 2009

When you live in a town where the closest thing to independent cinema is Legally Blonde 2 you could be forgiven for upping sticks to London. Instead,

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