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Motorama: I See You

Asides, Music

4th April, 2018

Kinopravda capture a city’s residence as they slip into a collective slumber in this narcoleptic music video for Motorama's 'I See You'.

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Mediasekta Unveil the Heart of a Warrior in Female MMA Fighter Documentary ‘Into the Octagon’


3rd February, 2017

Mediasekta's documentary short shares martial artist Viktoria Veres' reflections as she enters the harsh world of professional mixed martial arts.

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Film Festival, Live Action

22nd November, 2016

Ivan I. Tverdovsky explores individualism and dictated uniformity in his story of a solitary woman who is given a new lease of life when she grows a tail.

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War continues despite the fall of humanity in VFX Sci-fi short film ‘Крепость/Fortress’

Asides, Live Action

16th October, 2014

With a fascinating concept at its core, Russian CG enthusiast Dima Fedotof transports us to a universe where automated systems continue to fight a war which

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The Boy and the Monster


23rd June, 2013

Julia Zhuravleva presents the heart warming tale of a friendship formed over a common interest in her graduation short The Boy and the Monster.

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Dreams of Nature

Art & Fashion

20th June, 2013

A captivating study in white, Russian director, CG artist and photographer Tatyana Zvanskaya’s fashion film Dreams of Nature is a bleached

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7th June, 2013

Life can be a hard climb and as Stas Dobry reminds us in his animation, even if you make it to the top you’ll always carry your Luggage with you.

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Biting Elbows: Bad Motherfucker


19th March, 2013

Filmmaker and self-proclaimed videogame addict Ilya Naishuller combines intense (and slightly nauseating) POV shots, action-packed stunts and blood-soaked

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DN LFF2012: Short Stories – Mikhail Segal

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

2nd November, 2012

We spoke to Russian director Mikhail Segal’s at the London Film Festival about his second feature Short Stories; a collection of four narratives each

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Flower Anthem

Art & Fashion

3rd March, 2012

Whilst Karina Eibatova’s Flower Anthem may leave you wondering how and possibly why, there’s no denying its hypnotic beauty and mesmerising

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Maxim Mezentsev’s Celestial Bodies

Art & Fashion

3rd June, 2011

Maxim Mezentsev’s celestial bodies created with simple, earthly materials are an impressively compulsive viewing experience. I really hope he starts

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