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How to Turn Your Friends Into Furniture

Art & Fashion, Asides

20th April, 2018

Oriol Barberà Masats provides a practical solution for how to put your ex-friends to good use in surreal short 'How to Turn Your Friends Into Furniture'.

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Jordi Estrada Bids Farewell to Love in Lyrical Heartbreak Short ‘As We Die’

Live Action

19th April, 2018

Jordi Estrada tells DN how he channeled heartbreak into a lyrical contemplation on love and loss in poetic breakup short 'As We Die'.

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Motorama: I See You

Asides, Music

4th April, 2018

Kinopravda capture a city’s residence as they slip into a collective slumber in this narcoleptic music video for Motorama's 'I See You'.

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A Couple Live Out Their First & Last Date Simultaneously in Ibon Landa’s Bookended Music Video ‘Gloomy Planets’


3rd April, 2018

Ibon Landa tells DN how he beat the clock to pull off a bookended story of the birth and death of a relationship in Nubla music video 'Gloomy Planets'.

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A Forgotten Love Spans Generations in Marta Gonzalez’s Spanish Romance Short ‘Mai’

Film Festival, Live Action

29th March, 2018

Marta Gonzales tells DN how she constructed visuals and took on multiple roles for her debut romance Spanish short 'Mai'.

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A Woman Grieves the Death of a Loved One in Amanda Lago’s Beautifully Crafted ‘Mrs. Poucheau’

Live Action, Premiere

8th March, 2018

Amanda Lago follows a woman’s journey through the acceptance of change after the death of a loved one in the online premiere of 'Mrs. Poucheau'.

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Jiajie Yu Celebrates the Power of Black Male Relationships in ‘Soul’ for The Prussians

Music, Premiere

19th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu returns to DN with 'Soul', his new music video which celebrates the complex but powerful fraternal relationship of two men of colour.

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Night Owls

Art & Fashion, Asides

15th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu transfixes us with a disquieting, yet alluring, collection of strange people and flashing lights in experimental short film 'Night Owls'.

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Reality Blends With Violent Fantasy in Jonathan Cremades’ Murderous Daydreams Promo ‘Oro’


14th February, 2018

Spanish Director Jonathan Cremades tells DN how he blended reality and violent fantasy for his murderous daydreams Salfvman music video, 'Oro'.

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A Carefree Mediterranean Road Trip Takes a Detour to Senseless Violence in Ramón Ayala’s ‘Vartan’


16th January, 2018

Ramón Ayala takes DN behind the scenes of his La Jettee inspired Mediterranean road trip music video of fun and nonsensical violence.

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Device Deliver a Picture Perfect Holiday from the Future in Sci-Fi Animation Short ‘The Postcard’


1st December, 2017

A woman shares her Southeast Asia holiday adventures from the future in animated sci-fi short 'The Postcard' from creative studio Device.

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Guillermo Irriguible Loren Pays Homage to Analog Music with his Analog Short Film ‘Speaking in Voltages’

Documentary, Music

30th November, 2017

Shot on 16mm, Super8 & Hi8, director Guillermo Irriguible Loren joins us to discuss his ode to nostalgia and the golden era of analogue instruments.

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