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DN357: James Erskine Documents the Awe-Inspiring Artistic, Athletic & Societal Struggle of ‘The Ice King’

Documentary, Podcasts

23rd February, 2018

James Erskine shares how he crafted a documentary about the artistic, athletic and societal struggle of John Curry, the world's greatest ice skater.

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Relive the Birth & Death of the Ayia Napa UK Garage Scene in João Retorta’s ‘Sun, Sea and UKG’

Documentary, Music

22nd February, 2018

João Retorta talks to DN about his documentary charting of the rise and fall of the late 90s UK Garage scene in the Cyprus resort town of Ayia Napa.

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Canadian Olympians Become Works of Art in Ian Pons Jewell’s Painterly ‘Be Olympic’ Commercial

Live Action

20th February, 2018

Ian Pons Jewell takes us through the classical art pieces & personal stories which inspired his captivating slo-mo ad spot for the Canadian Olympic team.

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Turin Brakes: The Quiet Ones

Asides, Music

19th February, 2018

Rob Brown captures the centuries old tradition of Tar Barrel burning in his incendiary new music video for Turin Brakes’ track 'The Quiet One'.

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Harry Lighton Discusses Subverting Audience Expectations in BAFTA Nominated Short Wren Boys

Live Action

16th February, 2018

DN caught up with Harry Lighton to discuss shooting summer-for-winter on 16mm and subverting audience expectations in BAFTA nominated short 'Wren Boys'.

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Natasza Cetner Takes on the Pernicious Force of Absolute Power in Surreal Animated Short ‘Nero’


15th February, 2018

Filmmaker Natasza Cetner takes DN through the political and aesthetic roots of her animated battle between repression and independence.

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Jack Weatherley Ventures Into the Darkness of Nightmares for Unsettling Music Video ‘I’ve Got a Future’


13th February, 2018

Director Jack Weatherley returns to DN to delve into the nightmares which inspired his stripped down, unnerving promo come art piece 'I've Got a Future'.

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Asides, Live Action

26th January, 2018

David Elms delivers a delightfully awkward exploration of self perception and the difficulty of imagining the complex inner lives of those around us.

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A Man Battles the All Consuming Guilt of His Actions in Dee Meaden’s Disquieting Short ‘Mark’

Film Festival, Live Action

19th January, 2018

A man becomes consumed by the fear he may have done something terrible on a night out in Dee Meaden's disquieting study of consent, guilt and masculinity.

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From Filming Stock Footage to Creating a Random Acts Short – Duncan Cowles Talks ‘Taking Stock’


18th January, 2018

Documentary dir. Duncan Cowles takes a humorous look at the world of freelance filmmaking with his Random Acts stock footage masterpiece 'Taking Stock'.

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Fanny Hoetzeneder Captures the Melting Pot of London’s Illegal Car Meet Ups in Docu-Music Video ‘BloodType’

Documentary, Music

8th January, 2018

Filmmaker Fanny Hoetzeneder tells DN how she discovered a harmonious microcosm of England's diverse capital in her illegal car meet up docu-music video.

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Crooked Cynics Harness the Art of Cringeworthy Storytelling in ‘Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?’

Live Action

2nd January, 2018

Directing duo Crooked Cynics dissect the dexterity of uncomfortable comedy narratives in 'Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?'.

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