Hey you guys n gals. You may notice, or at least it should be much more obvious once I post this week’s video, that I’ve updated the way our site videos play back after seeing how seamlessly DeK has stuff play on No Fat Clips!!!. Now I know that you’re mainly strong silent types, but if you happen to notice any strangeness while viewing the site/videos please give me a shout. I’ve tested it all as much as I can, but in my Mac biased home it’s possible that I’m missing some glitches that’ll affect you Windows folks, and that just wouldn’t be fair.

Enjoy and feel free to let me know if you prefer it this way!

So it seems that the plugin I wanted to use vPIP conflicts with Google Analytics for anyone on Windows, which means the site video playback will stay the same until I can figure a way round it.

3 Responses to Video Playback Update

  1. DeK says:

    Tried with Asylum
    Doesn’t seem to work in any of the browser I have (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, IE7). It falls back as a simple link to the Quicktime file.
    Can’t even find a link to the script in the HTML file.

  2. MarBelle says:

    Cheers for the heads up.

    Yeah I had to disable it as it was throwing up some weirdness in IE, which I think is down to my theme – I suppose now would be a good time to start learning WordPress code? I’m gonna have a look at the Extreme Video Plugin and Anarchy Media Player to see if they work any better.

  3. DeK says:

    I remember I had issues with IE when I was using Blip TV’s similar features, and had to simplify the snippet (the script was stored on Blip and I couldn’t touch it) in order for it to work, probably breaking the fallback mechanism.

    The one I’m using right now (vPIP) seems to work flawlessly on any browser both on Windows and Linux (with MPlayer); also, no Mac user have still complained about it…

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