Coming from an arts background, but well down the road of documentary directing, I’m joined today by director Jeanie Finlay whose 60 min film Teenland: In Teenagers’ Bedrooms explores that inner most of sanctums and how they reflect their inhabitant’s lives.

Teenland: In Teenagers’ Bedrooms (2006)

Four bedrooms, four teenagers, four portraits of life behind the closed bedroom door. Teenland takes us into the sanctuary of four British adolescents on the brink of adulthood and explores their passions, obsessions and hopes for the future.

3 Responses to DN047: Teenland: In Teenagers’ Bedrooms – Jeanie Finlay

  1. Stephen H says:

    Hey Marbelle, I really enjoyed this, I look forward to hearing more interviews with documentary film-makers. Also, I just wanted to point you to this Cinematography podcast: http://imagemethod.podbean.com/

    Perhaps you all could share sources and interview the same teams/ film-makers on different areas of production.

    Also, and I think you might know about this, but http://www.motionographer.com/ is a great source of animation and film-making.

  2. MarBelle says:

    Hey Stephen, thanks for getting in touch and the links. The guys over at Motionographer are blood hounds for great work. If you come across any documentaries you’d like to hear us cover let me know and I’ll try and hunt the directors down.

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