Ever dreamt of having a world renowned musician compose the score for your latest flick?

For a low/no budget film-maker this dream would usually stay in the realms of fantasy, however, now due to the ever giving Moby, it can become reality.

As a film-maker, one of the hardest tasks I find when creating a movie is trying to discover inspiring royalty free music to compliment the film. In the past when searching for music on the internet, the only decent tracks I have found have come at a financial cost or the free tracks just haven’t been good enough. One way to get around this problem is to get in contact with a composer, who will hopefully produce music for your film just to get a credit on your piece and get some recognition. However, how many of you budding artist out there have dreamt of being able to use the music of a big time music star without having to apply/pay for the use of the track or fear being sued. Well now that dream can become reality, thanks to the generosity of Moby, who is now offering nearly 70 tracks of Moby music to independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short. Just visit the website, create a log in and check it out.

If only more musicians would be as generous as Mr Moby. Whilst you’re at his site, if you’re a fan of photography it is also worth checking out his photography, some pretty interesting stuff.

6 Responses to Moby Movie Music

  1. Robin says:

    Wow, that is very very useful and giving. Finding the right piece of audio even with composing types as friends is difficult.
    Just have to hope they are not too generic pieces though.

  2. El Vez says:

    It is a rare act of giving. As you say finding the right piece of audio is difficult and then getting clearance to use that piece can be even more difficult. So definitely top marks to Moby for this thoughtful act.

  3. El Vez says:

    Thanks Ben, good to see people are discovering this site and Moby’s gratis music with one little search.

    If anyone out there ends up using any Moby music on their short film, please let us know how it goes. I’ve checked out a lot of the music Moby is offering on his site and as can be expected, it’s up to his usual high quality.

  4. tenten says:

    Moby is great, I’ve been a huge fan of his music for a few years. Apart from him offering his music free of charge to non-commercial projects, he is also holding a contest for a music video for his latest track – Wait For Me. A lot of interesting entries. But, to me, since Moby and cartoons/comics always go hand in hand, i particularly like this one

    If you like some of the videos, and think you might want to see a couple of them on TV as official moby vids, go ahead and cast a vote:-)

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