If you’re of the view that after just over 100 years of existence the form of film is a locked down certainty, my guest Andrew Filippone Jr’s piece Happy Monday, a documentary film object, suggests otherwise in its depiction of the death of the short film Happy Monday Mr. Krebs whose motionless 16mm reels form the core of the piece.

Happy Monday (2006)

In Happy Monday documentarian Andrew Filippone Jr. tells a simple story through a radically new formal language for non-fiction film, where story and subject are externalized and made tangible. Looking anew at his first film project – a failed and unfinished decade-old narrative short – Filippone recasts the unused 16mm negative into a vague and lifeless human shape that audiences linger over and read, the frozen moments entombed in its frames a moving expression of naive ambition and undisguised failure.

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