In an industry that is often cutthroat and ruthless, I think it is always worth giving publicity and a lot of respect to those artists that decide to give something back to all us fellow creative types. It is with this in mind I wanted to bring to everyones’ attention the great act of giving from director Bruce McDonald, who with his latest film The Tracey Fragments decided to let all us budding editors have a play with his footage by making it available for re-editing.

Unfortunately, I was too late with my discovery to actually get hold of the footage and have a go at editing something for myself (and from the looks of things it might have only been available to Canadians). However, the entries are definitely worth checking out, as this kind of competition and the publicity that comes with it means they’re always worth entering, whether you want to showcase your skills, practice your editing techniques or just compare your work with that of other editors.

Tracey: Re-Fragmented made available all the footage from the shoot of the film for users to download and re-edit their own related projects including music videos, new trailers or to re-edit the entire movie themselves.

The re-editing initiative also has a competitive element with Bruce McDonald and his editors selecting the best from Canada to win an Apple Final Cut Pro prize pack. The winning project will also appear in the bonus features on the DVD release of The Tracey Fragments.

The entries can be viewed online now. I’d also recommend checking out The Tracey Fragments trailer while you’re at it, looks pretty interesting.

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