The work of Erika Janunger spans the fields of architecture, interior design and music, however her latest piece Weightless adds filmmaking into the mix to create a hypnotic film that itself defies categorisation, and has spawned a bookcase that is currently produced by Carl Malmsten. Erika joins us to discuss how space, movement and music can be combine to create and explore the worlds we inhabit.

Weightless (2007)

A short dance / architectural movie, about defying gravity.

2 Responses to DN105: Weightless – Erika Janunger

  1. billimarie says:

    Brilliant video, & podcast ! I enjoyed watching your piece; it was very engaging, & now I want to experiment with space & rooms : )


  2. MarBelle says:

    Glad you enjoyed the piece and podcast. Erika is definitely a rare talent.

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