t3_logoThe indie scene is awash with community filmmaking projects, touring screenings and time limited idea to projection events, but off hand I can’t recall seeing a combination of all three.

Enter filmblazer with the Two-week Turnaround Tour or T3 for short. Tour team Joshua & Jamie will, along with stress testing their relationship in a confined space, visit 14 US cities over the course of 7 months. On each stop they will “write, shoot, and screen a short film in just two-weeks.” Sound like a tall order for two people? Well that’s where the community angle kicks in, with calls for help in each city across a whole host of roles.

If that sounds intriguing, everything you need to know is over on filmblazer . I wish I was on the right side of the Atlantic to take part, but figure there’ll be a kick ass documentary of the journey I can watch once the dust settles.

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