Sometimes filmmakers come pre-recommended, which often brings the potential for huge disappointment when I eventually get to view their raved about work. However, since seeing the highly stylized films of director Jamie Travis, I too have become an evangelist for his films. Jamie joins me to discuss how dissatisfaction led to his trio of relationship shorts, The Patterns Trilogy.

The Patterns Trilogy (2005-6)

A woman waits by the phone. A man watches a tea cup spin. Are they lovers? Yes, they are. Now let’s watch them sing and dance. A suspense thriller, a love story, a dreamscape and a musical extravaganza, The Patterns Trilogy presents, in three parts, the epic anti-romance of Michael and Pauline.

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  1. fairuse says:

    “The Patterns Trilogy” has the feel at times David Lynch was in the room while writing script. I think the set is great.

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