The winners for tonight’s Bafta Awards, maybe sealed in their envelopes and out of our hands, but you’ve still got the power to elevate a new filmmaker to award winning status. The BAFTA members panel has whittled down a plethora of entries to three nominees, which are now open to a public vote to decide the winner – voting finishes at midnight on 1st March 2010.

Longtime DN friend Danni Lizaitis has, with co-directed Sam Burr, the short documentary The Retirement Village (below) in the running and it would be mighty good if you could pop over and vote for it – it’s clearly the best of the three.

Set within 200 acres of idyllic woodland, Whiteley Village is described as a haven for retired pensioners. Founded in 1907 after a £1 million bequest in the will of William Whiteley, the village caters for older people of limited means. It is home to almost 400 residents who have been selected from hundreds of applications each year.

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