Last month El Vez teased us all with a trailer for the Philips / Ridley Scott Associates project Parallel Lines (the bastard!) – which would culminate in five original, groundbreaking shorts, all employing the same dialogue and directed by some of the firm’s leading lights.

Facebook fans got a day jump on the official release with the first two in the set: Johnny Hardstaff’s Dark Room and Hi-Sim’s Jun & the Hidden Skies, but now Jake Scott’s The Hunt, Greg Fay’s El Secreto de Mateo and Carl Erik Rinsch’s The Gift are available to all comers.

Of the five, the pseudo continuous shot of intrigue that is Dark Room is clearly the best, followed by The Gift’s robot on the run. However, before you make up your own mind below, I have a bone to pick.

I realise that the entire Parallel Lines project is a lovely creative way to shift some TVs and that the original trailer used the same conceit, but whoever decided it was a good idea to frame the shorts within the 21:9’s undulating TV border is a fuckwit, who should be immediately stoned by the filmmakers’ whose work their hobbling. Just a thought!

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