Award winning short filmmaker Alex Barrett, cinephile and sometime DN contributor is nearing production on his debut feature Life Just Is.

His cast has just been announced and it’s a belter, including Paul Nicholls and Jayne Wisener who played Johanna in the Burton/Depp Sweeney Todd.

Presumably they’ve been drawn in by the calibre of the script, which concerns a group of twenty-somethings asking the questions we all ask. From a familiar idea Barrett has created a script to his strengths which include a rare depth of character and ability to create rewarding interaction. It’s an exciting project.

Not least because it is being created in the most modern of ways. Barrett is just doing it. He has hosted excellent regular screening and networking nights in London to spread the word of what he and likeminded souls are doing, build a community of collaborators. In helping to promote the work of other filmmakers he has ensured reciprocation when Life Just Is is ready to be rolled out.

He is seeking funding and involvement through excellent blogs and networking, visiting festivals and showing a love for cinema that is infectious.

To know more, to be involved, or to watch it all unfold it’s all here or follow Alex on Twitter @albaztks

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