Seems that all of DN’s nearest and dearest are getting busy with the work of filmmaking – which is just as it should be! The freakishly tall and talented Jan Bednarz is kicking off a new Buzz Films feature documentary, The 10th Lego Master and you can give him a helping hand:

There are only 9 Lego professionals around the world… until now. This is a documentary film that will take you on a journey to explore the art of Lego, through the personal mission of ‘Brit Brick Builder’ Duncan Titmarsh to become…

We’ve structured a number of different donation levels to encourage your generosity, and would be extremely grateful to have you on board our journey with us. We aim to create a truly inclusive, crowdsourced adventure that celebrates people power, and offer you rewards and incentives along the way to get involved. If you could spare us anything at all, we’d be chuffed to bits.

A truly independent feature documentary about Lego Masters, what’s more deserving of your help than that? Jump over to The 10th Lego Master Indiegogo page and show some love.

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  1. Jan, you are a little bit tall, just a lil bit!

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