The Day I Die video by Steve Glashier is always going to be talked about for its controversial subject, however it should be looked as a very clever and effective approach to a music video. It’s one-take style is strangely hypnotic, when it should be horrifying and as the camera roves across the landscape looking for its next victim I found myself really intrigued by the hooded characters avoiding its deadly aim.

We wanted to create a video which on different levels was a spectacle in itself. We leave it to the audience to evaluate their own emotional response to the ‘spectacle before your eyes’ – it might be awe, disgust, amusement, shock etc. All these things and more. I guess we are attempting to spark up and activate within the audience some emotion, in an era where violent games such as Call of Duty, Manhunt and GTA are the biggest grossing forms of entertainment.

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