MarBelle introduced us to the work of Matt Devine of The Glue Society, back in December of 2009 with the explosive ping-pong short Metal on Metal: Bastard. Devine’s latest work, a music video for Son of Kick track Playing the Villain, carries on some of the previous themes of his earlier work, with tension and splattering bodily fluids playing a large part in proceedings.

2 Responses to Playing the Villain

  1. Samantha says:

    The video is disturbing, its clever, well done, brilliant, and the boys were great actors. I loved it.

  2. El Vez says:

    Glad you liked it Samantha, it’s nice to see music videos trying something a little different every now and then and this is certainly one of the better videos I’ve seen this year. The one thing I really love about this video, is that in a world where America rules the music video world, this is quintessentially British! If you liked this video, you should also check out The Shoes – Stay the Same – – which I believe has a similar feel.

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