Music, and the images it conjures in the mind is a very personal thing which shifts from person to person. Many a killer promo pitch has fallen by the wayside, to never be brought to fruition, as sometimes it’s just not appropriate to port a promo idea to a different track once that initial conceptual connection has been made. Which makes the fact that we increasingly get to see directors try their hand at alternative/unofficial music promos, giving us a brand new way of listening to/looking at a track, all the more precious.

So to illustrate, where the official promo for Moby’s Wait for Me from Jessica Dimmock & Mark Jackson focussed on the darker tones evoked by the track:

“We have long been interested in the experience of loneliness, and what happens when you feel the necessity to leave. Â We were motivated by the emotional landscape that unfolds when you stay within such a small and intimate narrative.

Jelani Memory’s take pulls out the beauty of being at peace with yourself and the freedom to simply be, which comes from that level of comfort. It’s also another example of why I really need to own a Canon 7D. I wouldn’t place either video ahead of the other, I’m just glad that we can pick the visuals to suit the mood.

And here’s the official promo from Jessica Dimmock & Mark Jackson:

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