OK folks, we’ve already spelt out exactly why you should get behind Koo’s Kickstarter campaign for his debut feature Man-child and a quick look at the 1,538 backers (yep DN’s thrown its financial support in too) who’ve pledged $90,134 of the $115,000 goal shows we’re not alone in believing this is a film that NEEDS to get made.

We’ve reached the critical 3-day crunch period where it’s time to go all out and get Man-child rolling over that final 22% hump and into production – remember Kickstarter projects are all or nothing, if the goal isn’t met the film doesn’t get a penny. Also if it does hit the goal it will become the single most funded project to be listed in Kickstarter’s narrative film category, now that’s cool. Koo’s added additional reward levels which are mighty fine and also produced a Multimedia Lookbook to give you a heads up on the look and feel of the film. If you were tethering on the edge of supporting Koo and Man-child now’s the time to dive in and get wet before it’s too late!

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