I’ve been a fan of animator Kris Hofmann’s stop motion work since seeing her true lives of the animals we eat piece Breakfast a couple years ago. Her new piece Screwed Up is a charming film about not knowing a good thing until it’s gone, which stars a nut and a bolt. Kris joins me to discuss scaring children (and angering parents) with the truth and how animation is a the perfect cure for a broken heart.

Breakfast (2009)

Often, we present our children with toys and books that tell joyful tales of animals living in peace on farms, surrounded by fields and forests. When a child’s room is left empty an ordinary tape player and a well used puzzle come to life and start to tell the truth behind the pretty pictures used to lull us into believing where animals spend their lives today.

Screwed Up (2010)

After a short honeymoon period monotony and arguments settle in. One deserts the other, but regrets that very decision soon after and embarks on a search for the missing other half.

I like to work with objects. I like to give life to objects.

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