OFFF 2012

Is there a festival out there which hands out awards for the best festival titles? If so, I’m saying that OFFF Barcelona would sweep the board once again with their galactic threat, mixed media piece crafted by Brosmind and Upper First. This year’s titles are equally astounding, but about as different in tone and form from Mischa Rozema’s 2011 Year Zero titles as you can get.

Brosmind and Upper First redefined the format, mixing cinema, illustration and 2D/3D animation with paper, adding to their highly anticipated video a double-feature comic book that was given for free, alongside plastic masks with the face of the characters, to a crowd that enjoyed all the presentation feeling that they were the real protagonists of the party.

I believe a making of video will surface at some point, but for now you can goggle over behind the scenes pictures after the jump.

Oh, and least you believe that OFFF titles only step up when they hit the Spanish boarder, take a look at Physalia’s Pescara and Hellohikimori’s Istanbul titles too:

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