Rushes Soho Shorts - International

Featuring 15 short fictional films created outside the UK, the Rushes Soho Shorts’ International Award shortlist is, as it was last year, awash with diversity, with the differing backgrounds and viewpoints of the filmmakers providing an interesting insight into cultural perspective.

Trotteur – Arnaud Brisebois & Francis Leclerc

Trotteur, Arnaud Brisebois & Francis Leclerc’s first venture as a directing team is a cinematic, metaphorical short where a settling of accounts between a young man and a locomotive turns into a diabolical race against a merciless opponent. Shot in glorious 35mm by DoP Steve Asselin and featuring stunning FX that call on Brisebois’ experience as the head of the art department for films such as 300, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Fantastic Four, Trotteur’s striking visuals and intriguing story make it a stand out short in any competition.

Dr Grordbort presents: The Deadliest Game – James Cunningham

Welcome to the steampunk world of Dr Grordbort, inventor of rayguns, armourer of the free Earth and general bastion of society. Created by 11 students of the Media Design School, this heady mix of live action and CGI is not only a shining example of the work emanating from this New Zealand institute but a standout short fiction film. Overflowing with outstanding visual effects, Dr Grordbort presents: The Deadliest Game transports us to a world of alien creatures and old-school attitudes in one of the weirdest safaris ever seen on screen.

The Hiccup – Matt Smukler

Ninja swords, horny friends of the family and unexpected deaths feature in The Hiccup by director Matt Smukler, as Two friends desperately trying to skip town find that an overheated radiator is the least of their problems.

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