Director Daniel Fickle and production design Mark Smith combined their talents for Alialujah Choir promo A House A Home to deliver a story about the life to be found and shared outside of the confines of your room.

To capture the promo’s alluring visuals the production shot on a Sony FS 100, capturing ProRes 4444 via a 50 foot HDMI tethered to a Mac tower providing enough headroom for the later colour grade. DP Reijean Heringlake came up with a custom light setup dubbed the ‘swatter’, comprising PVC tubing formed into a square, with low wattage string lights wrapped around it. Sets were also custom built to enable maximum shooting flexibility:

To achieve the shots Daniel and Reijean wanted every wall was removable as were the ceilings. Also, the walls and floors were on caster wheels which allowed us to move the rooms 360 degrees. The gallery and tunnels were static. The interiors sort of built themselves. Each prop created an idea for another prop and together they began to influence the narrative.” – Mark Smith

The result is a promo that pays off with a warm feeling that will melt even the coldest of hearts.

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