RSSF2012 DN Picks

Yes, we admit that previous DN attempts to select award winners could be at best described as chequered, and looking at the official finalists list we already know some of our picks are out of the running, but we’re nothing if not confident in our filmic tastes and so here are DN’s category favourites for the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2012.

Pushing Boundaries
Although Luciano Foglia’s Geometric Porn would have made an incredibly interesting addition to the Apple app library, we instead have to settle for his provocative short animation that replicates explicit sexual acts with simple geometric shapes and hopefully makes its viewers consider exactly what should be deemed as ‘explicit’.

Whilst the pleasure of the Newcomer category is often that of discovery and Michael van der Put’s Callum was a pleasant addition to our ‘shorts watched’ list, Jonathan Gales’ GAMMA sneaks in as our favourite with its mix of stolen footage, CGI and well delivered ‘witness’ testimony.

Short Film
Not chosen simply because he featured in our latest DN interview, Mustapha Kseibati’s Painkiller is a well-scripted drama, full of assured performances and confident directing. In a category also featuring the impressive black comedy Long Distance Information from Douglas Hart and the unusual fashion film Skirt by Amanda Boyle, it’s a glowing recommendation for Kseibati’s directorial talents and Selina Lim’s writing prowess that their film tops the category.

Music Video
It was hard enough getting down to three music video picks never mind a single selection. That being said, as much as we enjoyed Jake Gyllenhaal loosing his shit or wanted to drift away with Olivia Merilahti, we truly believe AG Rojas has made not just a promo, but a short which will be considered an exemplar of the form for many years to come.

Shot in glorious 35mm, Arnaud Brisebois & Francis Leclerc’s visually stunning short Trotteur mixes sumptuous cinematography with well-executed CG effects to make a stunning directorial debut from this creative duo.

Long Form
It feels bad choosing a film that you can’t watch and currently doesn’t even have a trailer online, but take that as an expression of just how much Peter at the End impressed us. If you do get a chance to see Russ Lamoureux’s long short definitely take it, your family and friends will appreciate the calls you feel compelled to give them as the credits roll.


Whilst Dan Ojari’s slow-paced, stop-motion Slow Derek would happily grace the winners’ circle at any short film festival, we’ve championed the inventive style of Joseph Pierce since stumbling on his first short Stand Up back in 2008. His latest animation The Pub is the final film in his rotoscoped trilogy and once again provides a playful insight into British society.

Roger the Real Life Superhero overcame my cynicism and Centrefold informed at the most personal of levels through its combination of interviews and animation, but Afarin Eghbal’s mixed media documentary Abuelas successfully employed a host of creative techniques without ever loosing sight of the tragic story at its core.

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