Whilst touring the beautiful country of South Africa, cinematographer Philip Bloom produced four mini documentaries, each with very different but engaging subjects which together reveal the country’s diverse culture.

Ponte Tower (Johannesburg)
Once referred to as the place to live in the city, the iconic high-rise apartment block has had a roller-coaster reputation since the 70s; now ‘Ponte’ has a rising reputation, revitalising and changing for the better. Truly breathtaking visuals and a delicate score makes these ten minutes fly by in an instant.

Portrait of a Projectionist (Cape Town)
I don’t know anything else, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Ridwaan Fridie is one of the last remaining film projectionists in Cape Town and after 24 years, everything he knows and loves abandons him for the modern era. This magnificently shot, touching doc reflects Ridwaan’s wonderful memories on his vocational journey.

The Sea Water Drinkers (Durban)
As I was shooting some super slow motion of the water, I saw this woman scooping up seawater in a plastic container. I asked the guys I was with what was going on there… “Oh lots of Africans drink sea water here.”

Passed from generation to generation, a peculiar tradition arises on the eastern coast. The sea water drinkers of South Africa confidently consume unfiltered seawater, cleansing their stomachs in order to keep healthy.

The Tracker & The Banker (Londolozi Game Reserve, Kruger National Park)
Shot in just over two days on location in the Londolozi Game Reserve, Elmon and Dean, two animal trackers with very contrasting backgrounds share interesting stories as they drive across the national park. Bursting with gorgeous slo-mo cutaways and featuring Africa’s ‘Big 5’, The Tracker & The Banker is no ordinary wildlife film.

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