A gang of ladies old enough to know better rip things up on the streets of Brooklyn in Michael Lawrence’s new promo for The Last Royals’ Crystal Vases. About the inspiration which provided the jump off point for the promo Michael said:

When I first heard the track, I was walking down the street in Brooklyn, and there was a group of 50-something year old women wearing pleather, laughing loudly and drunken, stumbling into a bar. I could only imagine that the last thirty years of their life had been spent like this. They woke up, realized they were probably too old to be doing this, and chose to do the same thing again. How will all of the hipsters age? Will they be drinking on roofs and crashing parties still? Will they be following their favorite buzz-band of 2009 in 2039? What will the flashbacks be like? This film is for all of the die-hards, the moms and dads who have partying down pat.

So when you think your reckless abandon will never end just take note, this is what you’ll look like a few decades from now.

Here are a couple behind the scenes stills from the shoot:

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