Wasted My Time

Sometimes it takes a while to get a collaboration going regardless of the intentions of the parties involved, but as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. A fan of the work of glitch effects masters BRTHR from back in their college days, New Jersey’s I/O had been wanting the pair to put together a video for him for quite some time but other promo commitments got in the way. It was whilst on one of those competing shoots that BRTHR met a guy called Gary, who after an inadvertent camera switch, asked them if they fancied shooting a promo for his close friend I/O. A skip, hop and a jump later and the duo had developed a storyline for the video which I/O was into.

For the Wasted My Time promo, BRTHR decided to take a more narrative, less effects heavy approach than in their previous work; exploring the various mindsets resulting from a sense of ‘regret’, but doing so in a non-linear way. As the project came from their personal contact with I/O as opposed to a label commission, it was down to the parties directly involved to put together the budget. Craigslist came to the rescue with BRTHR selling their DSLRs and I/O also stepping up with proceeds from his Rebel T2i sale. The budget found, a Red Epic with Zeiss Master Primes was secured and the promo was shot over three freezing cold, Long Island days, edited and put out into the world.

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