Seule is a lone woman: She lives alone, works alone, talks alone, plays alone, takes breakfast alone, eats alone, takes dinner alone, sleeps alone, dreams alone, walks alone, runs alone, smiles alone, smokes alone, cries alone, drinks alone , dresses herself alone, undresses alone, shower alone, she looks at herself alone, she imagines herself alone, but she never feels lonely …

In poetic (and slightly NSFW) short Seule from Spanish filmmaker Toño Chouza, a woman laments a past devoid of playful pleasure and sets her sights on future fulfilment where loneliness is a reality but never a burden. To craft the script for his brief sensual narrative, Chouza turned to surrealist formal writing techniques:

“Seule needed to have a sincere text, with just the exact dose of poetry not to be too tiresome. I decided to compose the text through a mechanism used by surrealists, automatic writing. I unloaded myself from all burdens and wrote whatever came to my mind. Then, just as with an exquisite corpse, also a surrealist technique, I linked ideas, sentences, etc. and created a text whose final form came to life during the editing process.”

The writing, Canon 7D shoot and edit for Seule took place over the course of a single day and the film went on to net Best Microfilm at the European Shortfilm Festival.

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