Flowers are plucked, innocence dies and guilt takes hold in nautico’s psychedelic accented promo for Jackson Scott track That Awful Sound. After discovering Scott wanted to sidestep the “typical indie video” and go a more surreal route, nautico saw the perfect opportunity to combine that brief with the coming-of-age story they’d always wanted to shoot, whilst pushing themselves to create a piece dissimilar to their regular narrative style. As the work of Kubrick was also directly referenced by the musician, symmetrical setups and trippy backgrounds found a natural place in the video, alongside elements that would reward subsequent viewings:

“We wanted to throw subtle details into this one that wouldn’t be initially apparent but discoverable upon repeated views to fit in with the maze-like structure of the track. For example, the lead’s girlfriend is wearing a catholic school uniform and a portrait of the virgin Mary hangs above their head as they begin to make love, which could possibly explain the guilt our main character feels about sex. The flowers on the table, white lilies, are frequently associated with virginity, that’s why as our characters get deflowered the colorful psychedelic goo drips down the petals. The rabbit represents the main character’s dying innocence and youth. That’s why in the end he buries it: accepting the death of his childhood and completing his arc by growing up and becoming a man.”Regarding the Jackson Scott “That Awful Sound” video

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