Shifting focus from the devout recently deceased back to the realm of sci-fi where we first discovered him with E.T.A., Danish director Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen hooked up with the 3D College Denmark for the spine chilling, CG promotional teaser Biomorph. Working with students from the college Clausen conceived a film weighted towards building an ominous atmosphere rather than overly animated, which would build tension before the final reveal of its human skull dwelling alien.

“The school liked the idea and we quickly moved into production, handing out modelling tasks on campus. The students were divided into groups responsible for the space suit, skulls, rocks, cables and environment layout. Kasper Appel (concept artist, production supervisor and teacher at the school) did most of the creature modelling allowing the students more time to work on the environment. After nine weeks all of the assets were assembled into separate scene files and handed over to me for lighting, compositing and some simulations. I continued to work on this well into 2013 – time permitting between other projects – and got the film finished in time for a final school day summer premiere.”Biomorph: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

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