Taking the festival circuit by storm, Tomasz Wasilewski’s second feature Floating Skyscrapers, tackles the themes of searching for one’s true identity and fighting for love where ever you may find it. We sat down with Tomasz to discuss his attraction to broken, mysterious characters and why emotions trump answers in cinema which truly affects audiences.

Floating Skyscrapers (2013)

Cuba is a young boy who lives with his mother and girlfriend, Sylvia. On the surface, Cuba’s life seems to be clear and arranged. He lives with the girl he loves and studies swimming at the Academy of Physical Education as one of their most promising athletes and the main favorite to participate in the upcoming competitions. That is until he meets Michael. The boys form an instant, strong emotional bond and Cuba unexpectedly discovers a fascination with the man.

I believe that questions in movies are more important than the answers. I don’t give all the answers.

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