As far as we’re concerned summer doesn’t really start until we’ve gather up our festival gear and headed out for four nights of short film screenings at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The fact that we have the pleasure of curating the programme means that no matter the weather or band performances, we know for a fact that each day is going to end on a high note as the shorts take us into the early hours. This year our high/low, here, there and everywhere search has pulled together an eclectic mix of animation, music video, drama, comedy and horror – a lot of it having featured either on these pages or over at the WeAreDN Vimeo Channel.

Thanks go out to our partners over at Film Oxford who are always willing to accommodate our ever expanding running time. It’s obvious, but no less true, to say that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the directors who not only gave their screening blessings, but most importantly, got out there and made the type of work we feel compelled to share far and wide. If you happen to be at Reading or Leeds this weekend make sure you head over to the Cinema Tent and let use know your thoughts. For those of you not planning to be anywhere near a field selling overpriced larger this weekend, you can simply hit play on the screening playlist below.

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