The ever-prolific Alexan Sarikamichian is back on DN with Bring Me Down, a sensuous collaboration with long time friend and musician Chita, in which a heartbroken young woman drowns her sorrows by embarking on a magical journey to relive her past relationship.

About the origin and nature of their collaboration Alexan says:

“Chita’s a friend of mine, she’s spent two years living in London, studying and preparing for her debut. I was able to keep track of her journey and and I have enormous faith in her talent. She has an incredibly romantic and sexy voice, and I thought I had to make a video with a strong feminine point of view to get the meaning of the song across. The Virgin Suicides was my big inspiration, it is oniric, but also modern and sexual. I felt the snake and the mouse was a good metaphor, and I wanted to work with natural environments, like the countryside, the forest and the sea as meeting points.”

Be warned, there are some lightly NSFW shots in here.

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