Four months of animation time well spent, Serafima Serafimova’s XX is a reclamation of the expression of sensuality from the exploitative, male-centric porn which dominates the internet. After scouring ethical porn sites lustcinema and brightdesite for her source clips, Serafima interspersed rotoscoped images with subtle abstract frames, building towards the female crescendo of the final scene. Elaborating on the impetuous and intentions of XX Serafima says:

“There is an alternative to mainstream pornography. It’s a sex-positive space for women to reclaim the narrative around female sexuality and establish a higher standard for what sex is and should be. It’s an exploration of passion, desire and lust and offers a new, guilt-free way of getting your XXX fix. I created this animation to celebrate ethical porn and exorcise my own carnal demons.”

Needless to say, the following video whilst being 100% ethical is also 100% NSFW.

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