Arthur Valverde, he who froze dancers in Paris and created a transcendental Kinect music video is back on DN with a contemplative jouney of four friends into the pulsating heart of Berlin’s techno community in documentary short Rave – premiering on here on Directors Notes today.

The film is the result of a collaboration between Arthur and Moritz Danner’s Berlin clothing brand Nakt. With a focus on party wear, the brand unites a strong community of ravers. Speaking about his desire to capture this often misunderstood, vibrant scene Arthur says:

“Upon moving to Berlin, I was immediately inspired by the way people party there; picking up on how it was a deep, almost religious experience rather than the mad senseless party. I set out to capture the mystic relationship between the music and the ravers in hopes that I could shine a light on this perspective of Rave culture that is too seldom seen.

We shot the film in Griessmuehle, an established underground club in Berlin. Acierate, the resident DJ of Synoid parties played during the shooting. The soundtrack is made of the German artists: SNTS, W.L.V.S as well as the pianist Thomas Valverde.”

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