Igorrr: Very Noise

Asides, Music

24th January, 2020

We take absolutely no responsibility for the bizarre nightmares you’ll have after watching Meat Dept.’s freakily fleshy 'Very Noise' music video.

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Mark Jenkin on the Journey and Success of ‘Bait’ His BAFTA-Nominated Breakthrough Feature

Live Action

23rd January, 2020

Mark Jenkin returns to DN to discuss 'Bait' his 16mm B&W, hand-processed and post-synced breakthrough feature about a struggling Cornish fisherman.

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Joe Bird Finds the Extraordinary in the Ordinary For His Poetic Cityscape ‘Where To Build In Stone’

Documentary, Music

22nd January, 2020

DN speaks with Joe Bird about creating the visuals and score for 'Where To Build In Stone', a slow cinematic celebration of Kingston Upon Hull.

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Luuk Walschot Looks Beyond Superficial Divisions in the Hope of Greater Unity in ‘Union Jake’

Live Action

21st January, 2020

Luuk Walschot asks why we can't put our efforts into finding what unites rather than divides us in his challenging identity short 'Union Jake'.

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Ben Dean Throws Us Headlong Into the Infectiously Subversive Mind of a Larger Than Life-Sized Artist in ‘Kitt’

Documentary, Premiere

20th January, 2020

Ben Dean explains how he used a mixture of formats to capture the essence of larger than life-sized artist Kitt Bennett in kinetic profile doc 'KITT'.

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Dominic Hicks Lifts the Veil of Online Persona to Reveal the Dark Side of Human Behaviour in ‘Amazonia’

Live Action

17th January, 2020

Dominic Hicks delivers a deliciously dark triptych of twisted tales about alienation and obsession based on real reviews in 'Amazonia'.

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Family and Religion Make for Disturbing Bedfellows in Robert Linsley’s Psychological Thriller ‘Ritual’

Live Action, Premiere

16th January, 2020

A local cop finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat & mouse with a devoutly religious family in Robert Linsley's psychological horror 'Ritual'.

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An Impromptu Birthday Camping Trip Reveals All in Joseph Roberts’ Family Drama ‘Bellmouth’

Live Action, Premiere

15th January, 2020

Joseph Roberts turns political frustration in action as he explores a family on the fringes of society in his short drama 'Bellmouth'.

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How Screenskills’ Mentoring Network Supports the Next Generation of UK Filmmakers


14th January, 2020

Jane Saunders discusses ScreenSkills' screen-based creative industries mentoring programme and the need for a diverse workforce in the UK film industry.

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Paul Nevison Opens Our Eyes to Hidden Exploitation in His Duo of ‘Can You See Me?’ Campaign Films

Live Action, Premiere

13th January, 2020

Paul Nevison takes DN through the creation of his duo of shorts showing the dark reality of modern-day slavery for charity A21's Can You See Me? campaign.

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An Interview with Vimeo’s Best Staff Pick Winners of 2019

Animation, Art & Fashion, Documentary, Live Action

12th January, 2020

DN chats with Vimeo's Best Staff Pick directors of 2019 about the differing artistic approaches behind their award-winning work.

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Cynical Smile Expresses the Mental Toll of Life in the Age of Distraction in Discordant Short ‘Fracture’

Art & Fashion

10th January, 2020

Cynical Smile talks to us about combining movement and sound design for his discordant meditation on the mental turmoil of life in the age of distraction.

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